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OM3 is an unique Welsh milk brand, which uses pioneering scientific techniques to naturally boost the amount of Omega-3 in dairy products.

 OM3 is the result of a collaboration between Pembrokeshire dairy farmer Will Prichard and scientists in Wales and Australia.

 Omega-3 is an “essential” fatty acid and a vital component for human health. While it has been shown to help prevent certain diseases, Omega-3 is also believed to be beneficial to brain development in in babies and children.

 But unlike most types of fats the human body can’t make Omega-3 and instead relies on getting its supply from food, with fish, vegetable oils, nuts, seeds and leafy vegetables particularly good sources.

 However, using groundbreaking technology to combine natural cattle feed with Omega-3 oil, it is now possible to produce milk which is naturally enriched with this essential fatty acid..

 Will, who farms near Fishguard, has been working with scientists at opposite ends of the world – at the University of Sydney in Australia and also in Wales.

 Explains Will, “To enrich a product with Omega-3 it is usually added at processing level, but we are able to introduce it to the cow’s diet so that extra Omega-3 becomes naturally present in the milk, with the added benefit of improving the cow’s health.”

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